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Noble Macmillan was lucky enough to be featured in an article all about us! We’re pretty proud and hope you all give it a read. Absolutely has picked out a few of their favourite products to focus on, when they came and visited the shop.


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Perudo is a very popular dice game, also known as Dudo, Pico or Cachito. It is very commonly played in Peru, Chile and Bolivia but recently Europe has become involved with the fun. Historians believe that Perudo was originally an Inca game dating back hundreds of years. Perudo only left South America in the 16th Century after the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro invaded and conquered the ancient Inca Empire and subsequently founded Lima (now the capital of Peru).

Perudo is extremely addictive as it is a fast and furious game of strategy and bluff where you must out-think all of your competitors. Perudo involves no board, no setting up and really easy and uncomplicated rules. It can be played anywhere and at any time all you need is your beautiful leather Noble Macmillan Perudo set to bring you hours of fun! The set is made out of Calfskin leather. The set contains five brightly coloured cups with matching dice. It’s the perfect gift for the run up to Christmas or just to brighten up the coming winter!


The rules are very simple:

Each player starts by having five dice and a cup, which is used for shaking and concealing your dice from the other players.

Everyone playing shakes all five of their dice inside their cups, and then rolls them onto the table making sure to conceal them so that no one but them can see their dice.

You choose a person to go first, and they start by stating however many of a certain number on a dice are facing upwards (for example; five fours, or three twos). Moving around in a clockwise direction the next player must raise, call or spot on the announcement

Raise: If the player wants to increase the amount of dice the previous player said (e.g from six four’s to seven fours) or increase the die number (e.g from six fours to six fives) or both.

Call: this means that the player does not believe the original players bid. Everyone must raise their cups to show their die. If the previous guess is wrong the previous player who made the call loses a die, but if there are the same number or more the player who doubted loses a die. Whoever lost the die gets to begin the next round.

Spot On: If the number is higher or lower, the player loses to the previous bidder, but if they are correct, they win. A “spot-on” claim typically has a lower chance of being correct than a challenge, so a correct “spot on” call gains a previously lost die.

The game continues until only one player still has die.

The number one is wild so when the dice are counted they are always involved in the final number.

When a player only has one die left it is a ‘Blind-round’. This is where nobody can look at the dice that they role and therefore have to completely guess when they make their bid.

The Essential Pouch

This is one of our favourite items here at Noble Macmillan, and is useful in almost every occasion. It can be used as a fashionable clutch fitting your keys, money and phone in. Or it fits great in a handbag and can be easily transferred between day and night use.

essential pouch

Personlising with a name or initials truly makes this a wardrobe staple, and also means that no jealous friends can steal it away! We would recommend if you personlise it, that you match the engraving to the colour of the zip to keep the look clean and consistent.

zips of essential pouch

Can be used as a fashionable clutch on a night out or just to organise your life a bit, either way we love the Essential Pouch in smooth calf leather. Get yours here at http://www.noblemacmillan.com/the-essential-pouch.html

ends of essential pouch

The Macmillan Noteook

We love the Macmillan notebook here, in it’s quirky colours and soft leather. They’re the perfect journal to take on your travels or perhaps jotting down those all to easy to forget notes.


spine spiral macmillan notebook

We also love the different ideas people have for engraving them! Here are some of our favourites, whether serious or not. Go for black or white to keep it simply or maybe shake it up a bit with pink, gold or silver. Put a name or initial on to make it an even more special present.

image (2)

Get your today at www.noblemacmillan.com/macmillan-lined-notebook.html

Sample Sale Day 2

sale blog

There is still time to grab yourself an amazing deal in our up to 80% off sample sale! If you couldn’t make it yesterday, don’t panic, we still have plenty to go around including photo albums, photo frames, notebooks, social books, technology cases and more.

Sale ends 5:30pm Thursday 3rd April. Find us at 9 Evalston Mews, London SW7 5HY. (Nearest tube stations are Gloucester Road and South Kensington.)


Our top picks for Mother’s Day


It’s crept up on us all again! Mother’s Day is suddenly just over a week away. It’s the time to show her just how much you appreciate all she has done for you. All you have to do is find the perfect gift to say it with. But what do you buy the woman who has given you everything? As each year passes the challenge only gets harder to pick the present that attempts to say ‘thanks’ for the years of cake mixing, plaster sticking and essay proof reading, not forgetting of course the unquestionable love and support she has shown you. Sure, no problem at all! Yes, Mother’s Day is by far the trickiest gift giving event of the year.

Hopefully we can help lighten to load with our top picks for Mother’s Day. At Noble Macmillan we believe a touch of personalisation makes saying ‘thank you’ that bit more special; engraving it might just be the way to get the message across!


Double Photo Frame Keyring £60.00



Leather Cosmetics Case £75.00



Yummy Mummy Journal £35.00


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