In the early 1980s Tom Dodd Noble and Adam Macmillan, the grandson of Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, were racing cars at Le Mans and owned a garage in Elvaston Mews called Noble Macmillan. Tom was in search for a reasonably priced, hand-made leather photo frame for a friend’s birthday present. He was stunned by the prices and it occurred to Tom that Noble Macmillan could set up a profitable side business. A few months later boxes of hand stitched photo frames arrived at the Mews and despite the shop being at the back of the garage, they sold surprisingly quickly. Photograph albums soon followed.

By 2005, nine out of ten of the country’s grandest homes had a Noble Macmillan album, visitor’s book or journal – even if the families didn’t always know it. The tucked-away shop remained an undiscovered gem and 23 years later the jacks that once held the infamous Le Mans cars are still evident and so are the quality, value for money and service for which Noble Macmillan is now known. We have built on the tradition of making Britain’s definitive photo albums, diaries and sporting books, we also use our skills to create contemporary leather accessories. Do visit our website www.noblemacmillan.com.


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